Useful Tips For Homeowners Purchasing Frameless Glass Shower Doors


A lot of homeowners decide to upgrade their bathroom showers with frameless glass doors because of the added dimensions they appear to give off. If you're searching the marketplace for one, here are some tips to focus on. Assess the Available Opening Space  If you plan on buying a frameless glass shower door that will swing open and close, then you need to see just how much space there is for this action.

29 April 2022

In-Shop Or Mobile Windshield Replacement? 3 Factors To Consider


Your vehicle's windshield is exposed to projectiles at all times. While some drivers can avoid having a stray pebble or flying object cause windshield damage, most drivers will eventually need to replace a windshield that has been cracked or chipped. You have the option of taking your car to a glass repair shop or having an installation technician come to your vehicle to replace the windshield. Both options have their benefits, and there are some important factors that you need to take into consideration to determine which option is best for you.

21 March 2022

Pros And Cons Of Glass Shower Doors


There is nothing more appealing and sleek than a glass shower door. It adds brightness and clarity to any bathroom. If you're considering a bathroom remodel or trying to choose the right option for your new home, how do you decide if you should go with an enclosure with glass doors or something simpler like a shower curtain or perhaps no door at all? Here are a few of the pros and cons of glass shower doors to consider.

24 January 2022