Cracked Windows In Your Home? Why It's Important To Have Them Repaired


Residential windows crack for a plethora of different reasons. You've probably seen the cracks that arise when a blunt object sails into a window. Those are the most obvious, and because the damage is usually so intense, you have no choice but to get the window repaired immediately. However, what about other types of cracks that aren't as apparent but that can be just as severe? Although stress cracks are normally associated with walls or ceilings, it's important to remember they can definitely appear in windows as well. Regardless of the kind or caliber of the cracks in your windows, keep reading to see why you should have them repaired immediately.

Cracked Windows Cause Air Leaks

The windows, walls, and insulation in your house work together to create an "envelope" that keeps inside air in and outside air out. Just think about what would happen if you didn't have windows in the walls of your home. There would be almost no way for you to control indoor temperatures, and trying to operate a thermostat would be futile.

This analogy can be likened to what happens when cracks appear in your windows. Although the cracks may not seem like a big deal, there is a strong possibility that they are letting air leak out of your residence. The problem with this dilemma is as leaks start to develop, your heating and cooling system has to draw on more and more power in order to maintain the temperature you've set on your thermostat. You may not even realize this interchange is taking place until you receive your energy bill!

Cracked Windows Can Be Dangerous

What could seem to be a rather benign crack today could instantly turn into a shattered pool of glass tomorrow. You don't want to take the risk of leaving things to chance because a cracked window can fall to pieces in an instant. Having the windows repaired restores the integrity of the glass. This allows you to lift and lower the windows again without fear of running headfirst into a potential disaster.

Cracked windows detract from the overall beauty of your home, often causing the place to seem dilapidated or unkempt. Don't let your home fall victim to this scenario. Contact a residential window repair business today for more information, and you can schedule a time for them to come out and see how they can be of assistance.


25 July 2022

Glass: It Is Here to Stay

Over the years, the materials that people use to make buildings and decor have changed. We rarely build homes from stone or brick anymore. They're made from wood, concrete, and drywall. But one material has not changed much over the past few hundred years, and that material is glass. Since glass windows were invented in the 17th century, they've become ubiquitous in homes. It's hard to imagine a home without glass windows! Glass is here to stay. That's one of the reasons we are happy to present this blog. Since glass is here to stay, we are going to discuss it here, in depth.