Window Seal Failure: Causes, Effects, And Repair Options


Windows let in natural light, provide amazing views, and maintain energy efficiency. To perform these functions, modern windows often feature a sealed double or triple-pane system that provides insulation and reduces heat transfer.

However, over time, this window seal can fail, leading to several problems. Understanding the causes and effects of window seal failure and the available repair options can be highly beneficial in maintaining the functionality and aesthetics of your windows.

Causes of Window Seal Failure 

Window seal failure occurs when the seal that holds the panes of a window together breaks, allowing outside air to enter the space between the panes. There are several reasons why this can happen.

The most common cause of window seal failure is simply age. Over time, seals can degrade and lose their ability to keep the window airtight. This is particularly true for windows that are constantly exposed to sunlight and extreme weather conditions.

Incorrect or poor installation can lead to premature window seal failure. If the window was not installed properly to begin with, the seal might not be able to withstand normal operational stress.

An accidental hit or excessive pressure can also lead to window seal failure. Any kind of force that the window isn't designed to handle can damage the seal.

Extreme changes in temperature can cause the window materials to expand and contract. Over time, these fluctuations can weaken the window seal, leading to its failure.

Effects of Window Seal Failure

Once a window seal has failed, it can have several noticeable effects.

The most common effect of window seal failure is condensation between the panes. This can give the window a foggy or dirty appearance that can't be cleaned from the outside or inside.

A broken window seal reduces the insulating capacity of the window. This means more heat transfer, leading to higher energy bills.

A failed seal can also lead to decreased visibility due to moisture build-up, making the window look constantly dirty or blurred.

Repair Options for Window Seal Failure

When it comes to window seal failure, you essentially have two options: repair or replacement.

Some companies offer services to fix a failed seal without replacing the entire window.

This typically involves drilling a small hole in the window, removing the moisture, cleaning the interior of the window, and then resealing the hole.

Call a Window Repair Professional 

Window seal failure is a common issue that many homeowners face, particularly as their windows age. Addressing window seal failure promptly can help maintain the comfort, efficiency, and appearance of your home.

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3 July 2023

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