Do You See Fog And Condensation On Your Window Corners? Check Your Windows For These Problems


Condensation and fog around the edges of your window glass and in the corners isn't normal. If this happened every time the temperature changes outside, or you can feel the weather is humid or there is precipitation, your windows have concerns. The most likely problems include:

  • The seal on the glass panes is broken
  • There is a humidity problem in your home
  • The argon gas has leaked out from between the glass panes

The window repair team can come and look at the windows to give you an explanation for the problem. Have the windows inspected. If you know the windows are old but you would like to keep them, talk with the window service professional about the following options.

New Sealant on the Windows

Get a cost to put new sealant on the window. This will stop air from passing through the glass, and this will lead to:

  • Reduction in air loss through the window for lower heating and cooling bills
  • Prevention of pests from traveling through the broken seals
  • Decrease in noises traveling inside the home
  • Protection from moisture getting in between the window panes and inside the window

This is something that the window service repair team can do to help extend the life of your windows.

Paint Windows with a Protective Coating

If some of the wood on the windows has been compromised and you want to protect the rest of the wood on the windows, have the windows coated with a waterproof coating. This will help to seal the wood, prevent it from future moisture damage, and extend the life of the window frames.

Check the House for Moisture Issues

Test the air to see if you have a humidity problem in the home. If you have a built-in humidifier on your furnace then it could be pushing too much moisture into the air, or there could be other causes. You may need to run a humidifying system in the house regularly, to help regulate and control the moisture levels.

The window repair team will be able to give you a quote about the different things that you need to have done to help restore the windows and to make the home more efficient and protected. Get more than one quote if you are worried about the cost, and be sure to compare the quotes thoroughly from the labor to the material and product expenses.

For more information on home window repair, contact a company near you.


27 February 2023

Glass: It Is Here to Stay

Over the years, the materials that people use to make buildings and decor have changed. We rarely build homes from stone or brick anymore. They're made from wood, concrete, and drywall. But one material has not changed much over the past few hundred years, and that material is glass. Since glass windows were invented in the 17th century, they've become ubiquitous in homes. It's hard to imagine a home without glass windows! Glass is here to stay. That's one of the reasons we are happy to present this blog. Since glass is here to stay, we are going to discuss it here, in depth.